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10 free things to do in Montreal this May

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Montreal Must Do's

April 29, 2024

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Montreal Must Do's
July 4, 2024

10 free things to do in Montreal this May

Montreal is a treasure trove of culture, art,and history. As the city blooms in May, the warming weather invites everyone toexplore its diverse offerings

10 free things to

Montreal is a treasure trove of culture, art,and history. As the city blooms in May, the warming weather invites everyone toexplore its diverse offerings. For students looking for budget-friendlyactivities, Montreal offers an array of free things to do that showcase itsunique charm. Here are the top 10 free activities you can enjoy in Montrealthis May.


1. Explore the Old Port of Montreal

The Old Port is a picturesque waterfrontperfect for a leisurely stroll. With its cobblestone streets and historicbuildings, it offers a glimpse into Montreal’s rich past. Take advantage of thefree walking tours available, which delve into the area’s history andarchitecture. The sight of the Saint Lawrence River, along with streetperformers and public art installations, makes this a delightful place to spendan afternoon.

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2. Visit Mount Royal Park

Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, who alsoco-designed New York's Central Park, Mount Royal is an urban park ideal forhiking, picnicking, and enjoying panoramic views of the city from the famouslookout. In May, the park's trees are lush and green, and the Tam-Tams—a weeklydrumming festival every Sunday—is a must-see spectacle.

Calendar of activities:


3. Attend the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’Free Evening

On the last Sunday of every month, theMontreal Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission to its permanent collectionsand discovery exhibitions. It's a fantastic opportunity to explore works byCanadian and international artists without spending a dime.

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4. Participate in the Festival TransAmériques(FTA)

Celebrating new works in contemporary danceand theater, FTA hosts several free performances and public workshopsthroughout the festival period in late May. It's a wonderful chance toexperience cutting-edge artistic expressions.

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5. Discover the Lachine Canal

The Lachine Canal, stretching 14.5 kilometersfrom the Old Port to Lake Saint-Louis, is perfect for biking, walking, orsimply people-watching. With numerous green spaces along its path, it’s idealfor a relaxing day out. In May, the canal is especially scenic with blossomingtrees and vibrant nature.


6. Visit Jean-Talon Market

One of the oldest public markets in Montreal,Jean-Talon Market is bustling with activity in May. It’s free to wander throughand soak up the atmosphere of local life. Sample fresh Quebec produce and enjoythe colorful array of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

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7. Enjoy MURAL Festival

Take a self-guided tour of Montreal's famousstreet murals along Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Every year, new artworks are addedduring the MURAL Festival, turning the street into a vibrant open-air gallery.


8. Join the Go Bike Montreal Festival

In late May, the city celebrates cycling withthe Go Bike Montreal Festival, where many streets are closed to vehiculartraffic and opened up for cyclists. Participating in the event is free and is agreat way to see the city from a different perspective.


9. Explore Montreal’s Cultural Spaces

Many cultural centers and galleries inMontreal, such as the Darling Foundry or the Phi Centre, offer free entry totheir exhibitions. These spaces often feature contemporary art and multimediainstallations from emerging artists.


10. Attend an Outdoor Concert at the EsplanadeTranquille

The newly opened Esplanade Tranquille hostsfree outdoor concerts and cultural events. Located in the Quartier desSpectacles, it’s a lively spot to enjoy performances from local andinternational artists.

Montreal in May is alive with activities andcultural richness, all accessible without spending a cent. These freeactivities not only offer entertainment but also a deep dive into the locallifestyle and artistic vibrancy of the city. Whether you’re a student or justvisiting, these experiences are sure to enrich your time in Montreal, making itmemorable and affordable.

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